Runhua XUE
updated on August.7 2019
Interactive Media HTML5+CSS3 API JS Startup-Dreamer PHP-mySQL

Interactive Media is quite FUN.
I am passionate about using it in marketing.”

I am proficient with HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery and familiar PHP, MySQL.
I think interactive media is a subject where we use proper technologies to optimize the user experience. I am passionate about interactive media development, one day, I hope I could be full-stack development.

Currently, I want to be a creative Interactive Media Developer.”

I worked on a portal website and took charge of updating website's blog channel and communicating with different departments of the company.

Skills ”

Javascript Library - ZIM.js. ”

I quite enjoy the developing process in JS world.
Game Link

Unity3D & C# - interactive toy demo ”

Unity3D is a magic stick to transfer virtual world to reality.
Game Link

Last but not least - PHP/MySQL. ”

I try to build a bidding system which could help people to exchange second-hand stuff and know each other.
You can login the Website by using
Web Link
- UserName:lin
- PassWord:lin123

Web Link2
- UserName:ED
- PassWord:ed993